Welcome to Baraut

Baraut is a township in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh state in India. This town is located at Delhi – Saharanpur highway. If you are a fan of nature then the idea of visiting this town is really a good one. You are welcome in Baraut. This place is around 70 Km away from Delhi, capital of India. This place is famous for wheels and axles manufacturing unit. Those who are interested in studying agriculture, this is the place for you. Come to our town which is the diamond of Western Uttar Pradesh.
Checkout the following links to know about transportation available for you and the possible ways to reach this town.

How to Reach Baraut
Here on this page, you will see all possible routes to reach this town from Delhi, Meerut, Sonipat and Saharanpur. We had tried to cover all possible ways using your own vehicle, Bus and Train.
Pretty soon, we will add travelers experience in this section too. These experiences will be helpful to you in understanding the possible hurdles during your journey.

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Commuting in Baraut

Well, this is one small township. You can easily walk throw the streets of this town. In case, you want to understand more about commuting in this township then checkout this link and get details of available transportation for commuting in this town.

Railway Station in Baraut

No need to worry for collecting information about railway station in this town. Checkout this link, you will be able to get detailed description about the railway station, its location, features and facilities available at this station. Well, it is really a nice idea if you are planning for train journey. This will give you real warmth of nearby villagers and a close touch of nature, sugarcane fields.

Train Schedule

Those who are interested in train journey should visit our train schedule section to understand the train schedule for their journey. Here on this page we had arranged information in to and fro manner. Get train schedule for reaching Baraut and also train schedules from Baraut to other places.

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