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This page will have all the video uploaded online by our team about Baraut. You will able to know more about those videos by scrolling down through the page.

This video is the one which got maximum number of view. This video is about journey from Delhi to Baraut. Ravi was returning to his hometown from Delhi and he got an idea to click pics during this journey. After few days, those pics got this form and video becomes the most viewed video about Baraut on youtube.

This is the introduction video of our site you guys had also liked this video. We had created this video using some pics of renowned places in Baraut with the help of animoto video making tool. If you have not seen it yet, have a look of this now!!

This video is about Thakurdwara mandir in Baraut. Ravi got some clicks in the temple and created this video about the temple. This temple is famous in nearby areas of Baraut. Have you seen this video? If not, then watch it now!!

This is again one more video about our website It has been developed using stupeflix with some pics clicked in Gandhi Park in Baraut and some other places in the town. This also shares about how to reach baraut.

Following the tradition of past years, staff member of Digamber Jain Inter College, Baraut had celebrated Annual function in the honor of Saint Kaljeeba Baba. This was an occasion celebrated by Yagya and Bhajan. Post Yagya, there was distribution of Prasad and food to all the attendees. Principal Shri Panna Lal Sharma had started this tradition of annual yagya function and in last 10 years, staff of this college is celebrating such function in the honor of Kaljeeba Baba. People in the town believe that Baba listens and fulfills their wishes.

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