SEO Training By Ravi Sharma

Get the initial bytes of knowledge over Search Engine Optimization

How to Increase Website Traffic for Small Business – By Ravi Sharma

With over 2 years of professional experience in Search Engine Optimization, Ravi Sharma is helping several businesses successfully increase their organic searches as well as and getting targeted traffic.

With the help of this YouTube Channel, Ravi Sharma wants to share knowledge about;

  • White Hat Approach For Organic SEO
  • Advanced Strategies For Online Reputation Management
  • SEO Concerned Web Designing Strategies
  • Advanced Link Building Strategies

SEO Training Give Away & Website Reviews

Hands-on, web based SEO course that will introduce the basics of Organic SEO — keyword research, website architecture, content writing and link building.

Great for business owners, web designers, web developers and marketers!

Yes, you will have Free Training and chance to get:

  • In-depth knowledge of Keyword Research
  • In-depth knowledge of On-Page Optimization
  • In-depth knowledge of Off-Page Optimization
  • In-depth knowledge of Reporting & Analysis

SEO Expert Ravi Sharma

Keyword Research Module

You will get knowledge of Keyword Research Tools: Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends, Google Insights and Wonder Wheel!

On-Page Optimization Module

Practical Approach For Page Title In Every Web Page

Advanced Approach For Tags Marking

Practical Approach For Search Engines Crawling

Practical Approach For Making Keyword Rich Content

Practical Approach For Engaging Content Creation

Module On Sitemap Creation And Submission

Off Page Optimization Module

Fundamentals Of Link Building

Directory Citations

Social Media Targeting


Press Releases

Paid Sponsorships

Guest Blogging



Web 2.0 Profiles

Advanced Module On Two Way Links

Relevant Keywords Theory For Link Building

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Ravi Sharma has contributed in the success of over 100 websites in different niche like health, training, hospitality, real estate, customer service and also digital marketing.

Now, he is available with his knowledge over YouTube for free SEO training!!

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SEO Friendly Video Series By Ravi Sharma

SEO Training Baraut

SEO Training Baraut

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