Cinema Halls In Baraut

Cinema has always been one of the most popular forms of entertainment in a city In India. That is why, these single screen cinema halls are major entertainment venues in the city, and have been prominent in the nation’s movie theatre industry. Cinemas have long been prominent venues in Baraut too. Thus, this page is dedicated to cinema halls in Baraut.

Cinema Halls In Baraut

Apna Baraut used to have five cinema halls in 90’s. Well, the curse of economic and technical growth has ruined the mass interest in single screen cinema. Thus, this place has only two cinema halls nowadays.

Let me first pull down the list of cinema halls:

  • Bharat Cinema
  • Vishal Cinema
  • Sarang Cinema
  • Sangam Cinema
  • Vishnu Palace

Perhaps, many of you have never heard of Bharat cinema. If you are below 20 years of age then certainly, you have no idea about this cinema hall. Well, it was near thukurdwara mandir in Baraut.

Most of us have heard of other four cinema halls. But, only two are in running mode and these two are:

  • Sarang Cinema
  • Sangam Cinema

During a visit, I got chance to meet employees of Sarang Cinema and they have helped me in writing this post. Well, they have provided me valuable information about this cinema hall. Soon, I will be meeting someone from sangam cinema to write about them too. Meanwhile, read about Sarang Cinema….


Sarang Cinema In Baraut

Sarang Cinema belongs to Mr. Aadesh Kumar Gupta. This cinema hall is on railway road in Baraut. It has two sections for seats; Balcony and DC. In balcony, there are 224 seats and in DC category, there are 516 seats. This cinema hall follows the standard show timings similar to any other single screen cinema hall in Uttar Pradesh. Sarang Cinema is having UFO digital cinema facility. It simply means that you will have digital movie experience in this cinema hall. Movies are coming in digital format using internet. Well, this is advanced technology available in Baraut too. Usually, you will be able to watch one movie in all shows.

sunny apna baraut 1Nowadays, this cinema hall is also serving special facility of cheaper rates movies for students. Well, this facility is having just Rs 15, Rs 20 tickets for morning show. In this show, you can watch few old movies. Sarang Cinema management has always tried to offer latest movies in their regular shows. When we were discussing all this for the page on Apna Baraut website, they were playing afternoon show of Dilwale Movie. Almost every other movie comes on their release date in Sarang cinema. Ticket rates in regular shows are also nominal in Sarang Cinema. You can have a great experience of digital movie in just Rs 70 while sitting in Balcony area and in first class (DC), it is just Rs. 50.

From last 45 years, this cinema hall is serving its best level service and it will continue serving quality entertainment in coming years too…

Sangam Cinema In Baraut

Pretty soon…. we will talk about this cinema hall too.

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