This town is a real commercial hub of Baghpat District. As this is the township, which is surrounded by villages, people have great opportunities for a successful business. One can see the following types of businesses in Baraut-

Agriculture Related Business

In agriculture, the new word is agribusiness. You can see lots of people from Baraut are involved in this. This is the business of agricultural producing. It includes crop production (farming, contract farming), agrichemicals, seed supply, breeding, farm machinery and retail sales.

Book Stores

This town Baraut is a hub of educational institutes. On daily basis lots of students are coming to Baraut. Hence lots of people are running Book Stores and earning their bread and butter.


Of course, this new age profitable business had knocked the doors in Baraut too. People are involved in this Business too.

Chicken Shops

There are a good percentage of Muslims in this town. Hence Meat Shops are also a business in which lot of people are earning good.

Competition Coaching Center

In the last few years, some very good institutes had shown good results and students from nearby places are coming to have competition coaching. You can see a lot of Police competition coaching centers in Baraut.


This is something traditional. From our childhood till now the confectionery business is evergreen and you can find one confectionery on every road from Beirut.

Cyber Café

The spreading hands of e-world had touched this town too. May be you are watching our website from one cyber café in Baraut. These are not big in numbers and also not very good with internet speed, but yes, people are earning by this Business too.


When there is a township, there will be a doctor too. In terms of medical facility this town is a superb place since last 10 years. This status is increasing rapidly. Now for many treatments, you don’t require to go out of Baraut. Yes, you have good doctors in Beirut too.

Fruit Shops

These business owners are pretty less in number. But yes, people are earning from this type of Business too.

Garment Sales Business

Due to the railway connected with Delhi, many people are selling clothes from Delhi stockers into Beirut Market. This is a business which can be seen easily in the main market area of Beirut.

General Stores

General Stores are part of every civilized township and in Beirut also, you can see lots of General Stores.

Gift Shops

From Valentine day to B’day, Baraut is celebrating each day. Hence Gift Shop business is a good earning resource for many.


There are good hospitals in Baraut and also few multi specialty hospitals. Now treatment of many diseases is possible in Baraut itself.

Institutes for Professional Studies

On the outer side of town, you can notice these institutes. Yes, there are not many institutes. However, people are earning quite well through this business too.


From our ancient period, people love to have jewelry. Similarly this town is having many jewelers.


There are not many lawyers in Baraut. If you are in need, then certainly you can have a good lawyer in Beirut.

Medical Stores

With the increasing numbers of hospitals and Doctors in the town, business of medical store is also on the boom. In the market, you can find plenty of medical stores.


Not too many, but yes, there are few painters and this type of business is also a good earning resource.

Photo Studios

If you have a celebration at home and looking for a photographer then there will be plenty of photo studios available in Baraut. You can find a good one easily.

Property Dealing

Of course, your renting requirement, plot property requirement can get a property dealer in the town. Now there are many who can help you in finding a good reasonable property.


There are few restaurants and not as you have in metro cities. Of course, these are good in service, cheap in prices. The restaurant business is growing at a slow speed in Beirut.


Now education is a great business. You can feel this if you try to study businesses in the town. There are plenty of schools in the town and owners are earning good enough.

Sweet Makers

There are few sweet makers and they are very popular. If you had ever been in Beirut, then certainly you know Ghante wala and Kashmiri sweets.

Tour and Travel Booking Centre

In the last few years, some tour and travel booking center have been opened in the town. Now rail and air ticket booking are possible in the town itself.

Trading Business

This business is slowly growing as there is a risk involved. People are also doing this business in the town.

Tuition Centre

Baraut is an educational hub for nearby places. This is also the base of this business and you can see plenty of tuition centers in the town.

Vegetable Shops

There might be limited earning but this business is related to agriculture; hence a good number of people are involved in this type of business too.

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