Bull Force Gym in Baraut

Six Years of Success

Bull Force Gym has been serving effective exercise program from last six years in Baraut. Within the guidance of Mr. Ravi Chauhan and body building expert Sunny Chauhan, many residents of this town have gained that desired perfect shape. Bull Force Gym is available for both male and female. As a special arrangement for female members, we are having a special time slot; 9 am to 12 pm. During this duration, entry of only female members is allowed.

Fully AC Gym

Bull Force Gym has fully AC premise. Gym has all sorts of advanced machines. Over 20 types of machines, gym members can gain the desired level of shape without taking months.

Gym With An Expert

output_c7XKODAlong with a set of machines, one needs an experienced trainer to get the desired level of shape. Well, many members love to get a slim shape and several others are up to make a solid muscular shape for championships. Gym coach, Sunny Chauhan has this expertise level and under his guidance, your workout will yield desired shape within a short time.

On the basis of his experience, Sunny Chauhan has created a set of exercise and diet charts. As per your requirement, gym coach will suggest you the needed one. You just need to follow the said words to see that desired level of shape. Sunny Chauhan had played bodybuilding championship on National level. He was Mr. U.P. for three time, four times gold medalists in C.C. S. University. Not just this, Sunny was Mr. NCR and Mr. Muzafarnagar. In case, you are dreaming to win a bodybuilding championship then you must look for his guidance. His experience can give you really better direction.

Proven Results

gaurav from bull force gym barautBull Force Gym has turned out many dreams into reality. We have several members who have gained slimmer shape within a pretty short time. Sunny Chauhan has given all his expertise to realize the dreams of workout lovers. Remember, no magic key exists in this world. Your body needs your dedication for workout schedule. A good trainer can only guide you with the best advice. If you are really keen to get the shape you will surely get it. There are many boys and girls who have lost a hefty amount of fat by following given diet chart and workout plan. On the other hand, several members have made us proud by performing really well in championships. One of these members is Gaurav Tomar. Gaurav has played on National level championships. He is a gold medalist from C.C. S. University.

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Get Effective Food Supplements

Usually, we all suffer from the lack of vital nutrients. Thus, one needs an effective formulation to suffice the need of these nutrients for better health.Bull Force Gym is also having facility of effective food supplements and all these products will be available within nominal prices. Hence, all members can also avail this facility. In case, you are interested in knowing our membership fee, following table is about our fees in different categories –

Your body shows your personality
Weight Loss FeeBody Building Fee Normal
Monthly Fee700Monthly Fee350
3 Months Fee18003 Months Fee800
6 Months Fee35006 Months Fee1500
12 Months Fee650012 Months Fee2800
Diet Chart Fee - 1000
Personal Training Fee - 1000

Contact Us

In case, you have any query then contact us via this form and Bull Force Gym Team will answer your query as soon as possible.

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