Baraut Rifle Club

Zeal inside you and an expert’s hand on your shoulder

Yes, this is a deadly combination sufficient for shaping a good career. If you are dedicated towards your goal then our club is certainly offering good option for you.

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These were the words of Mr. Bhagat Singh, Director of Baraut Rifle Club.

While walking on Bijrol road, once I saw a banner about this Rifle Club. I was thinking to meet the club owners and members so that I can share a post about them on this website.

Baraut Rifle Club 3But, this post got delayed due to my busy schedule indulged in the office setup work of Digiinception Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Finally, I got time to go inside this club on last Friday. Undoubtedly, this was an experience par my expectation. This young man, Bhagat Singh is a great human being.

During the discussion, I told him that my knowledge in this game is pretty little. Thus, you need to help me out in understanding the future prospects regarding this game. Mr. Bhagat Singh told me that it is no more a game of rich people, but it is altogether a good career option. Baraut Rifle Club has been serving its services from over a decade period. As a result of our dedication, we have several national and international shooters from this club.

Nowadays, this club has also established Ch.Charan Singh Shooting Range. In January, Baraut Rifle Club has also organized a championship. With an honest motive of serving the motherland, Mr. Bhagat Singh and his team is really working for betterment of offered facilities.

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Mr. Singh told me that we do want to have more talent from this area and that is why, our membership is nominal. This club is charging 1500/- as membership fee.

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Initiatives Taken By Baraut Rifle Club

  • Camps for police training
  • Special camps in rural areas to promote shooting as a career
  • Special training for BPL card holders

About The Coach

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Well, you might be interested in knowing about the coach too. Mr. Bhagat Singh had himself played in sixteen national shooting matches. As a coach, he is sharing the best knowledge to curious youngsters. I will suggest you to visit their website to know more about the club. If you are interested in visiting this club then you need to go Patel Nagar, Near Telephone Exchange, Bijrol Road.

Career Path & Baraut Rifle Club

Baraut Rifle Club 6Mr. Bhagat Singh told me that Shooting as a career has many possibilities for youngsters.

In Baraut and nearby area, young boys are having a great interest in Army and Police profiles. Certainly, shooting skill can open more options for a young one.

If you have been dedicated about your shooting ability then you can be an international sportsperson. Being an international sportsperson, you will easily get several job offers from Government Sector as well as Private Sector. If you got the national level player rank then also there are plenty of opportunities in Army and Police. If the level of shooting skill made you reach only up to the state level player rank then also the police department and many big brands will offer you a wide range of jobs.

Thus, your dedication towards shooting will always yield better opportunities for you. This game can really give fame, money and solid career to a hard working player.

Well, I have experienced a new ray of hope while talking with this man. Thus, I thought that I should write a post about this man’s approach, initiative and results of this rifle club.

In the end of this post, I want to share few more words of the champion coach of Baraut Rifle Club;

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“Being in Baraut Rifle Club, I have seen several success stories and we are working with full dedication over the forthcoming talents from this area. I can confidently say that in coming years, many members of this Rifle Club will make big name in national and international tournaments.”

Recently, Gaurav Rana From Baraut Rifle Club got selected in Air Force.


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