Angara Tandoor Pure Veg Restaurant

Many of you have realized the absence of a decent restaurant having Pure Veg food in our town, Baraut. There are some restaurants, but all these are having some sort of issues either in their food’s taste or in their servings.

Realizing that, we have initiated the concept of making one Pure Veg Restaurant that can suffice your need of good food as well as the need of good hospitality.

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Visit Angara Tandoor Pure Veg Restaurant

In the month of March, Angara Tandoor was launched in Baraut. Our Fully AC restaurant is not having just good-taste food, but it goes ahead of this. We are serving 20+ dishes which you have never tasted and perhaps, never heard of. Well, this is just to suffice the need of vegetarians.

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Most of the times, we veg-food lovers experience limited choices for the dinner and lunch!

Yes, you might have ordered many times, dal-makhni, malai kofta, shahi paneer. In Angara Tandoor, you will be having really tasty food and multiple choices along with those regular restaurant items.

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Angara Tandoor: We care your comfort

For the first time in Baraut, we are having special arrangement for

  • Candle Light Dinner
  • Romantic Lunch

You just need to give us an advanced booking call and rest will be done by us for the comfort of you two.

Enjoy the tasty food along with your loved one…


Not just this, we do suffice the need of tech guys. Thus, there is an arrangement of Free Wi-Fi Zone in Angara Tandoor. While we are preparing tasty food for you, you can enjoy some social media discussions utilizing free Wi-Fi.

Angara Tandoor: Restaurant that is not harsh on your pocket

Yes, you can experience it. Our price is pretty affordable. You can enjoy a great combo meal offer in just Rs. 99/- and that meal will be quite sufficient to fulfill the hunger of one person.

DSCN0665Free Home Delivery option is also available and we are taking Rs 200/- as the minimum limit amount for such orders. Perhaps, you will not find any other restaurant having that sort of affordable prices.

Call us for Home Delivery & Table Booking


Check our menu

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  • लाजवाब खाने का स्वाद पाइए बेहद वाजिब रेट पर
  • फ्री वाई फ़ाई की सुविधा भी उपलब्ध
  • अपने शहर मे पहली बार, कॅंडल लाइट डिन्नर और रोमेंटिक लंच की सुविधा
  • बीस से भी ज़्यादा जायेकेदार शाकाहारी डिशेज़ जिन्हे आप केवल अंगारा तंदूर मे ही पाएँगे
  • फ्री हौम डेलिवरी की सुविधा भी उपलब्ध

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